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FeatheredVine Studio

Winged Chiffon Child Theme

Winged Chiffon Child Theme

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Designed to give your website wings and get it published in no time.

We show you how with step-by-step instructions. 

Everything you will receive will help you achieve your goal of a beautiful, functional, and well-designed website, ready to launch. 

We get it. Nothing is more disheartening than thinking you have the answer to your solution, only to find out you have to purchase extra tools and do hours of research on YouTube to build your website! Most tutorials are unrelated to what you are trying to achieve or outdated. Not to mention entirely in the alien tech language that you hardly understand!

Because of this reason, we added some extra Tech Loving Care™ to your package.

Imagine hitting that publish button on your website with confidence and excitement!

Here's what that would look like....

No overthinking - replace the demo content, customize and add what you need. 

No need to do any further research. Everything you need is inside your Winged Chiffon package.   

 Be confident that you can do this and beat the Tech Gremlins with support from our fantastic community. 

 Feel free to focus on your customer journey and build the website you envisioned.


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    Features & Benifits

    All the main pages
    - Home Page
    - About us
    - Contact
    - Shop
    - Legal pages (Add your legal copy requirements)
    - 404 page with alternative sidebar
    Necessary plugins
    Demo content to make design easier
    One-click install! That easy!

    What is inside?

    ⭐ 1. A child theme with all the essentials
    All the main pages
    - Home Page
    - About us
    - Contact
    - Shop
    - Legal pages (Add your legal copy requirements)
    - 404 page with alternative sidebar
    Necessary plugins
    Demo content to make design easier
    One-click install! That easy!

    ⭐ 2. Welcome Instructions pack
    -Written Installation Instructions
    -Links to the tutorial videos
    -Resource list

    ⭐ 3. Three different color palettes
    The Kadence Theme comes standard with three different customizable color palette options.
    We preloaded three different options for you so that you can see how they will interact with your website. One for Xmas and one for Black Friday as an example.
    Having the ability to quickly change your theme colors for promotional days or special events is as easy as turning them on! No extra styling or coding is needed.


    🎁 Video tutorials
    Showing you step-by-step how to customize your theme
    Videos have captions and transcriptions

    🎁 Block Library
    The block library forms part of your child theme, and you access it on the page you are editing through the Design Library button.
    It contains full pages and sections of layouts used to build your website.
    You can use these layouts on any other pages you need to create, reducing your design time and keeping the branding consistent. Also, if you accidentally delete something, it is easy to replace!
    The brilliant thing about Kadence is that you can purchase block libraries separately and add them to your website. This means you can totally transform your website in the future without the need to purchase a new Child Theme!
    When we say customizable, we mean completely to the point of unique.

    🎁 Private Community
    Need help or have questions? The community is there for you!
    Hosted on Heartbeat, it is private, has no distractions, and is organized to find what you are looking for.


    For sure! Have a look around over here:

    You might like to see some other websites that have used this theme. Have a look over here:

    Also, have a look at this website that started out on the Winged Chiffon Theme and evolved into her unique style without needing to buy a new child theme! Once you know the Kadence Blocks, the sky is the limit.

    Well, it is the most accessible, most customizable theme on the market. We love that you buy a Child Theme, which is a template, and you are not boxed in by layouts, colors, fonts, or content. You can change your entire website just the way you would like it with the block editor. This means the theme is designed to grow with your business, and child themes and section layouts are only templates to give you a starting point and save time in building it from scratch. You have complete control over the look and function of your website!

    You will need the following to have a successful website on WordPress:

    Domain Hosting
    Website Hosting with installed ( is a different service and not self-hosted)
    Purchase legal policies and disclaimers
    SSL certificate if not included in your hosting plan
    Email marketing platform
    Shopping cart

    You can always ask for help and guidance in our private community on Heartbeat. Our team and other members are there to support each other.

    You can also book 1:1 calls with Yolandé at any time for an additional cost.

    The Happy Guarantee: We would love for you to be completely happy with your purchase. We have a seven-day refund policy and you can read the details here.

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    Website Checklist

    Setting up a new blog/website on WordPress from scratch?

    This checklist will assist you in making sure that all the important settings are done.

    Get the checklist here