About Us

About our Company

FeatheredVine Studio Pty Ltd was founded by Yolandé Dugmore in 2018.

It started as a Virtual Assistant business for startups. It grew into the business it is today that provides services, coaching, and courses to help startup businesses build their own websites.

We pride ourselves in our design skills, ability to learn and teach any tech tool that online business owners need, and create manageable solutions for business owners to launch their online businesses.


Empowerment is the core of our company. We help you understand enough about the tech and online business tools to manage it on your own or hire the right person for the position.

Our Manifesto

We are creative and resourceful

We are great at supporting big-♥ed entrepreneurs to find solutions that will fast-track their business from concept to making money without wasting valuable time and resources on tech tools that do not serve their business needs.

We are passionate about seeing thriving home-based businesses where entrepreneurs work on their own terms and live a life that leaves an impact.

We believe that resources are not equally available to everyone. However, opportunities are in abundance.

We stand for generosity, integrity, transparency, and equity of treatment from ourselves and our members by always having others' best interests at heart.

We stand against individuals or companies who show any form of favoritism, racism, unfairness, or manipulation. We will not tolerate it as it goes against our core beliefs and passion for building an inclusive network of big-♥ed entrepreneurs who find or create opportunities together.

Our vision is to have a beautiful network of online entrepreneurs with big-♥'s to see change, intertwined in shared opportunities, and helping ruffled feathered startups from concept to fine feathers in flourishing and sustainable businesses.

We are committed to creating a space for people to learn and grow together and to provide resources with extra Tech Loving Care™ that is accessible to everyone.